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I love the power of words and the messages they tell us of what it is we hold be true in our version of reality. I think one of the things we don’t fully appreciate is how powerful words truly are. A discussion recently discussed the level of our “belief” in our business, our product and ourselves being effective in our chosen field of endeavor. The challenge we have I think is selecting the right language, the right words, that will unlock our potential to truly expand our capacity. We were discussing the various levels of “belief”, but before we continue, perhaps we should explore what belief means, or may mean to you. By definition belief is the “acceptance that a statement is true or something exist”, which begs the question, can you believe in something but not be compelled to act on it? So what if we used the word “faith” instead of belief?

Faith is the “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”, which sounds, in my mind as I say the word sub audibly, stronger, how about for you? Can you believe in something in something but not have faith? I think so. Lets look at another word, and this word was brought to light in a conversation with my friend Jennifer Schultz. The word was “trust”. Faith and trust are inexorably linked to each other, which, in the mind of the writer, will lend itself to actions and deeds. While growing up a verse from the bible stuck in my head, it suggesting that “faith without works is dead”, which means that to truly “have faith” is to have “absolute trust” in yourself and your endeavors, to empower you to take action consistently, so that what you only imagined begins to take shape in your reality. How else can we bring the “only imagined” into reality? So maybe the foundational word we need to use is “trust”. Do we trust ourselves, do we trust enough an action called faith, to do the things we need to do to have the life we desire? Do you trust?

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