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And so much more

Posted by David Gilks on

As I sip on my coffee waiting for the ferry to take me home I reflect on my recent adventure. Looking at my hands, the fake tan is still coming off little by little (mainly on my clothes) and the realization that I have followed through on my goal to attain the status of a professional bodybuilder and the summation of that goal left me with a 2nd place and 3rd place standing in our national competition, of which I am proud of. Here is the interesting thing though, it’s not “being a bodybuilder” that I was after, it was the accrual of discipline(s) required to make that goal transpire. I had also wanted to attain my black belt in martial arts, but time became an issue and with children and career (I previously owned a private training facility) so I had to be practical and choose the activity that I could do without demanding more of the little time that I had available.

So what do I mean about the “disciplines” required to become a bodybuilder? Surely that stereotypical ‘meathead” based sport didn’t require discipline? Interestingly enough, it was bodybuilding that gave me an out from the world of...

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