About us

What is factor 3 fitness?

Factor 3 Fitness combines aspects of circuit training, volume training, strength training, calisthenics and HIIT training, to create the most effective fitness program on the planet.

Factor 3 creates powerful results!

Factor 3 Fitness was created to dramatically reduce the failure rate in fitness. Did you know that over 85% of all individual’s who start an exercise program will fail to get the results they were looking for? We are going to change that here!

The secret sauce

But the real secret is in our patented training method, “Neural Fit”. Our “Neural Fit” technology creates such a powerful “mind-muscle” connection that muscles respond rapidly and you will see results almost immediately.

Your trainers

David Gilks - owner and developer of Factor 3 Fitness. David Gilks is Medical Exercise Program Director and a natural competitive bodybuilder. David Gilks has been rated as one of Canada’s top personal trainers by his peers, Only Canadian nominated for the 2009 Personal Fitness Professional Trainer of the Year award.

Simone Soares - Trainer on F3 fitness is Kinesiologist member of BCAK, specialized in Exercise Physiology , University Veiga de Almeida. Medical Exercise Specialist