Factor 3 Fitness September 2018 Program

With your Factor 3 Fitness Program you receive:

  • 90 days of Factor 3 Workouts
  • 90 days of Aerobic programming
  • Video tutorials of all F3 programs
  • Yoga Follow Along Videos
  • Factor 3 Follow Along Videos
  • Fully detailed menu plans
  • Dietary supplement guide
  • Mind Set Coaching
  • Private Facebook page
  • Support 7 days a week by your F3 Medical Exercise Specialists
  • F3 is suitable for all fitness levels!!  Must be free of injury to join the program 
  • Guaranteed Results


Factor 3 Fitness combines a specific series of fitness principles in order to create the most effective fitness program on the planet. By using our "Neural Fit” technology, which creates rapid and powerful connections to your muscle, we can target any region of the body with laser like accuracy.

This along with our patented micro circuit training, guarantees results every time. F3 professional trainers provide daily guidance to its members, ensure that everyone has the tools they need to succeed. ($3000.00 value)

To take advantage of this amazing program you must be injury free and have had been engaged in a fitness program with the past 6 months.

Mind Set Coaching

The failure rate of those who strive to achieve their fitness goals is approximately 85%! The reason why so many people fail is not due to lack of desire or capacity to succeed, it is often the mind set that trips people up. What if over the course of 8 sessions you could learn how to create a winning mindset with the same technology used by olympic athletes, successful entrepreneurs, and todays thought leaders use? The I AM Project is now being offered to all F3 participants absolutely free of charge. ($600.00 value)

Meal Plan

One of the most crucial part to any exercise program is the diet and also the most confusing for most. Factor 3, with the help of our fitness nutritionist, have created simple, healthy and tasty menu plans and recipes that take all the guess work out eat clean. The F3 menus also are designed to decrease fat quickly while supporting the development of beautiful lean muscle. There are also detailed supplement recommendations provided to help you determine how and when to use them for maximal effect. Each stage of training has a unique but simple strategy to dramatically increase your rate of success.

Your trainers

David Gilks

Owner and developer of Factor 3 Fitness. David Gilks is Medical Exercise Program Director and a natural competitive bodybuilder. David Gilks has been rated as one of Canada’s top personal trainers by his peers, Only Canadian nominated for the 2009 Personal Fitness Professional Trainer of the Year award.

Simone Soares

Trainer on F3 fitness is Kinesiologist member of BCAK, specialized in Exercise Physiology , University Veiga de Almeida. Medical Exercise Specialist

Read about past participant experiences

"I have been apart of the Factor 3 fitness program since it first began. I love the fact I can fit my exercise into my lifestyle and do my workouts from home where it is more convenient to fit it in around my family life. The changes I have seen and continue to see in my strength and muscle definition and my fitness levels motivates me everyday. The knowledge, experience, help, motivation, tough love and care from David and Simone is always above and beyond. Exceptional value for money... so much more than just another fitness program."    

Jamie Everingham


“Factor 3 has helped me become the best version of myself, not only physically but mentally. It has been a simple program to follow and it has changed my life. With every challenge I keep moving the goal posts and I'm excited to see who I become! I'm so lucky to be part of a fabulous, fit family!”

Tracey Fallow


"It would take too much time to list all the benefits of Factor 3 Fitness! I am not new to fitness and nutrition but I still have learned so much from the program! My posture has improved immensely. My focus is on building muscle and I can't believe that I am gaining lean body mass while performing the safest low-weight workouts ever! Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned workout fanatic, you will come away more than you expected. Finally, compare the price of the program with the cost of a personal trainer... You win big all around! "

Dan Lacey


“Factor 3 Fitness was the best thing I have ever done for myself. If you want to take your health to the next level this is a well-rounded program that includes nutritional timing and combinations, and safe focused workouts for all levels. I am doing it again in January 2017!”

Tracy Branson


“Factor 3 has more to offer than an amazing work out system. The F3 program covers the mental, physical and spiritual concepts within it. Allowing us to really change ourselves wholly. I have never been apart of a program that offers such a unique AND effective system. There is a piece in the program that will challenge each individual and bring them to the next level of their fitness, mindfully.”

Erin Volen


"I'm about to complete my 3rd F3 challenge for 2016 This program Gives you everything! All laid out for you in an easy to follow plan with exercise graphics plus videos demonstrating everything you need to do A Supportive Facebook page and group to ask all your questions and even post your silly demos!"

Kellie Francis


"I've been running ultra-marathons for many years, and while I have had great results up to now, I was looking to take my performance to the next level. I wanted a strength program that would provide functional, all-body strength, and not compromise my running training. Factor 3 gave me exactly that. My posture and core strength has improved dramatically, and has actually helped prepare me well for an upcoming 100-mile trail race. For athletes who are looking to step up their performance to another level, I highly recommend the Factor 3 program. "

Mark Emr


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