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Are you tired of finding new excuses of why you don't have the body or fitness level you are looking for? With Factor 3 you can through your excuses away for good!

Factor 3 creates powerful results!

Factor 3 Fitness was created to dramatically reduce the failure rate in fitness. Did you know that over 85% of all individual’s who start an exercise program will fail to get the results they were looking for? We are going to change that here! 




Factor 3 Fitness combines aspects of circuit training, volume training, strength training, Yoga and HIIT training, to create the most effective fitness program on the planet. Factor 3 alumni are ultra marathoners, female physique competitors, stay at home moms, and just about everyone who decides to take their fitness to the next level. If you are excited to do better this year we are here to take you all the way!


All aspects of your journey are covered, mental, physical, and nutritional, to ensure that at the completion of your Factor 3 journey you are in a place physically you've only dreamed of!


And the best part, Factor 3 can be done at home or at the gym. For your home training, all you will need is a Swiss Ball ~ small selection of dumbbells ~ an aerobic step ~ skipping rope and you are ready to go!! Or take your F3 program to the gym and crank it up, F3 can be done everywhere!!

"This program Gives you everything! All laid out for you in an easy to follow plan with exercise graphics plus videos demonstrating everything you need to do. A Supportive Facebook page and group to ask all your questions and even post your silly demos!"

- Kellie Francis

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get!


As your master trainer and 23-year veteran of the fitness industry, I know that most of us do not have hours and hours to spend in the gym, but we still want results! So using my decades of experience, I created a powerful fitness system that allows you to get the results you are looking for in under 45 minutes per session. No more aimless wandering around hoping you are doing the right thing, you will learn “exactly” what to do, what to eat, and how to build a powerful positive mindset!!

You get…

  • Printable Workouts that can be done at home or gym
  • Instructional “and” follow along videos! No more guessing if you are doing it right, I am there teaching you every step along the way!
  • Yoga based warm up & Cool Down Follow Along Videos
  • Minimal equipment needed if training at home (Swiss Ball ~ Dumbbells ~ Aerobic Step)

More flavour ~ Less Starving

There is no point eating things we don’t enjoy, and now you have access to an incredibly array of recipes, menus, and amazing “fat loss hacks”. Eat what taste good, fuel your workouts and teach your body how to incinerate the unwanted fat, fast!

You’ll receive...

  • Tasty menus for both men and women
  • Support for vegans and those with food intolerances
  • Easy meal prep ideas
  • Yummy fat burning snacks and treats!

Mind-Set Work

For over a decade I have been working with the use of meditation, self-hypnosis, and other forms of mindset training as a powerful tool for my clients and myself. I realized that if we could not change our minds, we would never be able to change our bodies, or anything else that matters. I am excited to offer you some incredible insights into how to master the “inner game”.




There is an inseparable connection between your mind and body. If one of them is weak the other cannot reach its full potential.

-Jerry Bruckner-















"It would take too much time to list all the benefits of Factor 3 Fitness! I am not new to fitness and nutrition but I still have learned so much from the program! My posture has improved immensely. My focus is on building muscle and I can't believe that I am gaining lean body mass while performing the safest low-weight workouts ever! Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned workout fanatic, you will come away more than you expected. Finally, compare the price of the program with the cost of a personal trainer... You win big all around!"

- Dan Lacey ~ Colorado 

Thousands of $$$ in bonuses!

Only $39

Factor 3 Transformation Challenge

  • To participate in the F3 Transformation Challenge you must be an active paying member of the F3 program during the months of the challenge. Challenge runs from April 1st to May 30th, 2019.
  • Send in your “Before” picture holding a newspaper with the date “VISIBLE” when you start your F3 program. Email your photos to [email protected]
  • Your “AFTER” picture must be submitted before May 30th 2019 to be eligible for prizes.
  • Women must in two-piece bathing suit for both before and after photos.
  • Men must be in a pair of shorts that covers no more than mid thigh, no top.
  • Photo is to be taken against a plain white background ~ wearing the same outfit ~ standing the same way ~ must be a full body shot ~ front and back.
  • Final transformation challenge photos are to be sent in (before and after photos) side by side
  • Short write on your personal experience with the F3 program
  • By submitting your photos, you authorize Factor 3 to use your images in support of Factor 3
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